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Oct. 3

Open Access Publishing: Options, Policies, Best Practices

More and more research funders require their grant recipients to comply with open access policies. In Switzerland universities recently adopted a national open access strategy. What can you as a researcher do to deal with these requirements and open up your research to a wider audience?

vmitet is happy to invite Barbara Hirschmann, from the ETH Library, to give an overview about open access publishing options and support at ETH Zurich. She will discuss the different roads towards open access, what to consider when signing a publishing contract and which funding options are available. You will find out how to comply with open access policies of the SNSF, the European Commission and ETH Zurich. The presentation will also include a short introduction into publishing options with ETH Zurich’s recently launched open access and research data repository Research Collection.

The presentation will be approx. 45 minutes, followed by an small apéro.