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Diversity and Inclusion at D-ITET


The diversity organization envisions an open, inclusive, unbiased environment, where students, employees and faculty thrive and achieve their highest potential. With respect and tolerance, we learn from each other and leverage the great potential that lies in the heterogeneity of personal, educational and professional backgrounds.


The mission of Diversity @ ITET is to be a diverse and inclusive scientific community, where we fully support responsible leadership and personal development from all parties. We, professors, staff, and students strive to express respect towards each other, and to listen openly to different viewpoints, opinions, thoughts, and ideas. We strive to embrace a culture of tolerance and inclusion, where we appreciate the other. We are open-minded and curious to learn from individuals and groups. By this, we aim at creating a space where people feel emotionally, physically and intellectually safe and where difficulties are acknowledged and openly addressed.

Strategic Objectives

Our objective is to foster personal development, help with career planning, strengthen professional networks and create a supportive community. We facilitate this by organizing:

  • Workshops – Initiate discussions on challenging topics (e.g., on unconscious bias).
  • Skillset Trainings – Host trainings on technical and methodical skills (e.g., programming, presentation, negotiation).
  • Mentoring – Organize peer mentoring (e.g., study groups) as well as senior mentoring (e.g., professors, company contacts).
  • Outreach – Raise awareness for the D-ITET diversity organization (e.g., actively welcome new PhD students, website including upcoming events)


Interesting (academic) reads provided by AVETH diversity:
AVETH Diversity-Library


Curious? Ideas, questions, or fancy a coffee?
Contact us: diversity@ee.ethz.ch


6. March 2022 AVETH Statement: Call for Inclusive Teaching
We from the D+ITET team fully support the AVETH stance on the need for tangible institutional change against discriminatory teaching. We also stand in solidarity with the Chinese community at ETH and our need to take responsibility for the experienced discrimination caused by racially harmful learning materials. Call for Inclusive Teaching

Future/Current Events

7.12.2022 Pre-Christmas Meet&Greet
Where: ETL K 25
When: 18:00-20:00

Past Events

31. August 2021 Drinks of the World
Where: ETF Terrace When: 17:00-20:00
26. May 2021 Overcoming Bias in Academia: Virtual Panel Discussion
Summary and Write-Up of the event: Event-Page
15.10. - 5.11. 2020 AVETH is holding a diversity seminar series.
Information and sign-up: Diversity&Inclusion in Science
7. November 2019 How to Leverage Diversity? - Practical Insights.
Keynote by Jamie Lee Gloor;
Panel: Jamie Lee Gloor, Vanessa Wood, Prasad Ramakrishnan, Andreas Ulbig
Moderation: Olga Pardo
28. June 2019 Summer Festival: Food Bazaar
Invitation and Flyer
20. June 2019 Workshop: 16 Personalities
Summary and impressions of the event
11. April 2019
11:30 am
Lunch Talk with Prof. Brusoni
The role of diversity in innovation and change. Some evidence.
Slides of the presentation.
Unconcious Bias event picture

We learned about measures that can be taken to avoid that biases overtake our decision making.

The Team

We are current and former doctoral students at D-ITET

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Leonard Deuschle Nako Nakatsuka
Ilan Bouquet portrait picture Alexander Dietmüller portrait picture
Ilan Bouquet Alexander DIetmüller

We are supported by D-ITET PR
Stefanie Pfennigbauer
Katja Abrahams-Lehner

Former Members

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Marie Francine Lagadec
Sarah Kurmulis
Alexander Lochbaum
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Laetitia Vionnet Pascal Bleuler Sören Hedtke
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Marco Eppenberger Eva Ahbe Dominik Bauer
Marco Eppenberger portrait picture Eva Ahbe portrait picture Dominik Bauer portrait picture
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