The VMITET HelpDesk is a new and strictly confidential mediation service for students and scientific staff. Offered on a peer-to-peer level by volunteers, it is a safe place to discuss conflict and come about its resolution.


We are the a first point of contact for early stage conflicts, both in the professional and personal setting. We aim to listen, provide advice and find paths to resolving the conflict. Please do not hesitate to contact our e-mail address.


Please feel free to contact us via our HelpDesk e-mail address, which is only accessed by our trusted mediator, Matthias.

This service is strictly confidential, and no other contact or advice from outside will be sought without your consent.

Matthias Meyer
Matthias Meyer
Doctoral Student
Computer Engineering and Networks Laboratory
ETH Zürich
Gloriastrasse 35
Room ETZ G81
8092 Zürich
+41 44 632 04 54