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Oct. 11

Summary of the last DK

The last D-ITET Department Conference (DK) was on 04-11-2017.
A short, informal, and unofficial summary made by the vmitet representatives is available online. Check-it-out!


Oct. 10

ETH Respect Campaign

Wondering what those big colored dots that popped-up around the campus are about?
Check-out the webpage of the new ETH Respect Campaign!

Video trailer

June 15

General Assembly

vmitet had its yearly General Assembly on May 30th, 2017.
Check-out the new vmitet Board and the representatives for DK and UK.

GA Protocol

Nov. 10

New website

vmitet is proud to present our new website, we hope you will like it :-)

Personal development

Nov. 2

Invited lecture

Strong presentation skills are a key to success for engineers, scientists, and others.
Dr Doumont proposes a systematic way to prepare and deliver an oral presentation.


Join us for Dr Doumont’smost successful lecture year after year in topnotch universities and research centers worldwide.
Everybody is welcome!

Where Audimax, HG F30
When Thur., November 3, 10:00 to 12:00

Oct. 4

vmitet and VMI Career Talk

The upcoming Career Talk will feature Luca Gugelmann, who graduated 4 years ago from the Computer Science department and now works at Google Zurich. He works there on large-scale data processing systems that enable products such as Gmail, Drive, or Calendar search.

Come by to hear about how it is like to work in one of the world biggest companies!

Where CAB H53
When Thur., October 12, 17:30
More info

Oct. 3

Open Access Publishing

Open access policies are spreading. What can you do as a researcher to deal with these requirements and open up your research to a wider audience?

vmitet is happy to invite Barbara Hirschmann, from the ETH Library, to give an overview about open access publishing options and support at ETH Zurich.

Where ETZ E7
When Wed., October 18, 17:30
More info

May 23

Research Data Management

Last week, the ETH Library was visiting us for a presentation on Research Data Management.

  • Why it matters?
  • Best practices
  • ETH services and regulations
  • and much more...

Missed it? The presentation slides are available!

Online link

Social Events

Oct. 03

vmitet Monthly Apéro

Don't miss the upcoming vmitet Monthly Apéro!
October 4th, same time, same place.


August 8

vmitet GoT Together

Adamant to the actual calendar, winter has come. Don't face it alone!
One free beer for all vmitet members and anyone signing-up!

June 20

New D-ITET Portrait

Have you see the new D-ITET Portrait? This brochure summarises the most important facts and figures about D-ITET, interesting research stories and other activities.
Check-it out!